our story

           After a dinner party one evening Travis’ wife and friends were pressuring him to reveal the secrets of the delicious meal he had just prepared. For years, everyone who tasted his food begged him to either give up the recipe or sell the secret blend. Finally, he told everyone that it wasn’t any recipe that made his food so great, it was the custom seasoning that enticed their taste buds.

            Travis, a skillful home chef, made his first batch of the secret seasoning in his home kitchen. This came after years of traveling for work. He would often miss having his home cooked meals. He wanted to bring tasty food on the road with him, and decided that any meal could come to life with the right spices. He started with the homemade blend, which condenses the spice rack of the every day chef into an easy “how to” seasoning for the family meal. And thus, Herbal SOL was born. Since then Herbal SOL has expanded into a zesty dry rub blend for those barbecue grill masters, and a hot and spicy blend, for those cooks who like a little bit of heat in their cuisine. Now, whether you are the everyday cook or a top chef, you can shine flavor on your delights with Herbal SOL.